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Ajax Pumps

Ajax Pumps

Brunsdon Pumps supplies pumping equipment to a variety of industries. With many products available from the top brands, including Ajax Pumps, we are available to provide solutions for various applications. Our experienced sales professionals can utilise our extensive knowledge of pumping in order to supply the products that you need quickly and efficiently.

Ajax Pump Applications

Ajax pumps are part of the KSB group of pumps. With applications in building services, aquaculture, farming fire fighting, industrial manufacturing, water treatment, mining, and other uses, Ajax pumps are designed to handle a variety of applications. Our available products from Ajax include centrifugal pumps, fire pumps, pressure systems and more.

Centrifugal Pumps

Ajax centrifugal pumps are designed to handle water and other liquids. Depending on the model, the design of these pumps can also handle condensate, oil and other chemical products. These pumps are designed to be in compliance with ISO and DIN standards.

Fire Pumps

After more than 100 years, Ajax has become one of the top brand names in fire pumps. Pumps from Ajax are used all over the world. Ajax is a leader in providing pumping equipment for use in fire fighting.

Contact Us About Ajax Pumps

With quick delivery to locations throughout Australia, Brunsdon Pumps can supply pumps for almost any application. Our sales team also has extensive knowledge about our pump products and can recommend the right solution for your application. In addition, we also offer flat rate shipping or free delivery on select Ajax pump products.

Brunsdon Pumps is the largest online supplier of brand name pumps in Australia. If you need assistance with Ajax pump selection, contact us on 03 9464 1033.