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JPRain4 and PMRain kit

JPRain4 and PMRain kit
Product Code: JPRain4 and PMRain kit
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JPRain4 and PMRain Rain water switch kit.  (motor size 0.75 kw)

  • The new Grundfos PMRain is an interconnect device that allows you to utilise your harvested rainwater for toilet flushing and laundry applications, with the added benefit of mains water backup. The new PMRain also features a tank only garden outlet, to ensure you only use rainwater for your garden watering.
  • The PMRain is used in conjunction with a Grundfos pump. The pump itself is only activated when rainwater is being drawn from the tank. It does not operate when switched to mains.
  • The PMRain automatically starts when a demand is sensed – for example the flushing of a toilet or filling a washing machine - and will switch over to mains water when your tank is empty or in the case of an electrical failure.
  • Grundfos has incorporated a specially designed valve eliminating the need for an in-tank float – drastically decreasing installation time.

Features & Benefits



Features and Benefits:

•   The easiest, quickest system to install
•   Does not require any regular maintenance
•   Dual check valve for backflow prevention
•   Suitable for above and below ground tanks
•   Features automatic changeover and water source indication lights, and leakage detection                ( to prevent rapid cycling)
•   Will automatically switch to mains water in the event of a power failure

•   Pump and controller complies with AS/NZS 4020-testing of products in contact with drinking         water
•   Two year Grundfos warranty

•   Always install under cover to protect from the elements




  • The Grundfos PMRain has WaterMark Approval
  • Always install under cover to protect from the elements
  • The Grundfos PMRain, JPRain, JP and SB all comply with AS/NZS 4020 – Testing of     products in contact with drinking water


Surface Mount for above ground tanks

The PMRain interconnect device can be fitted to one of our reliable JP or JPRain range of pressure pumps, making it suitable for above ground tanks

Submersible for above and below ground tanks

The PMRain interconnect device can be fitted to a submersible SB pump for in tank pump installations with either a wall or tank mount kit, making it a great solution for above and below ground tanks.

 Rain water switch over device complete with:

  •  Run fault lights
  • Anti cycling/max run function
  • Dry Run protection / Auto reset
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable cut in pressure



Spec Sheet For JPRain 4 PM Rain


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