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Lowara Pumps

Brunsdon Pumps has developed a reputation as Australia's largest online supplier of quality pumps from brands, such as Onga, Grundfos, Jabsco, Pentair and Lowara. We offer fast shipping with delivery to almost any location in Australia. With well-known brands, our pump options cover a variety of solutions and industries. Our latest offerings from Lowara are in stock and are available to ship.

Lowara Pumps

Lowara pumps have gained recognition in Europe thanks to the innovative features and reliability of their pumps. Lowara manufactures pumps for both commercial and residential applications. These pumps offer superior quality. Our range of products from Lowara include:

        ●       Submersible water pumps

         ●       Centrifugal pumps

         ●       ​Peripheral turbine pump

         ●       Self-priming pumps

         ●       Shallow well jet pumps

         ●       Centrifugal jet pumps

         ●       Centrifugal pumps -single- stage

         ●       Open impeller centrifugal pumps

         ●       Horizontal multi -stage centrifugal pumps

         ●       Stainless steel end suction centrifugal Pumps

         ●       End suction close-coupled centrifugal pumps

         ●       Vortex pump

         ●       Submersible drainage pumps

         ●       Submersible grinder pumps

         ●       Drainage sump pumps

         ●       Submersible sewage pump

         ●       Submersible water pumps

         ●       Circulator pumps

         ●       Hot water circulator pumps

         ●       Scuba submersible pumps

         ●       4"submersible pumps

         ●       6"submersible pumps

         ●       Submersible non-clog and vortex pumps

         ●       Domestic Pressure Systems e-HM and BGM series 

We offer only the latest reliable models available from Lowara and we are now featuring the new e-HM series.

Lowara e-HM Series for Modern and Industrial

The e-HM series of centrifugal pumps are designed for both residential and industrial applications. These pumps feature lower operating costs thanks to the IE3 motors. High-quality bearings and stainless steel provide durability. These pumps are also designed to keep noise levels lower with a pump body that features high-efficiency hydraulics.

Superior Quality and Support

Brunsdon Pumps offers pumping solutions to businesses and residents across Melbourne. As a leading online supplier of water pumps, you can expect that we will deliver with fast shipping, knowledgeable sales professionals and reliable customer service. If you are looking for Lowara Pumps, we stock pumps from all of the top brands.

If you need assistance with Lowara pumps selection, contact us on 03 9464 1033. Our friendly sales experts can help you to select the right pump for your application.