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Onga Pumps

Brunsdon Pumps is the leading Australian online store for pumps for various applications. Featuring some of the top brands in pumps, including Davey, Onga, DAB, Lowara, and Ajax, we can offer reasonable prices while still delivering excellent value to our customers. For Onga pumps, Brunsdon Pumps is a premier online supplier.


For over 45 years, Onga has been providing the latest in pump technology with high performance products that offer and cost-efficiency and reliability. Onga offers a wide range of products that are designed to provide assistance in a variety of commercial and private applications. These Onga pumps are designed to assist in fire fighting, tank filling, water transfer, boom spraying, irrigation and travelling irrigators and more.

Our range of products available from Onga include:

●     Centrifugal Pumps

●     Farm Pumps

●     Firefighter Pumps

●     Household Pumps

●     Pool Pumps

●     Sump Pumps

●     Transfer Pumps

●     Waterswitch Pumps

●     Submersible water Pumps

These pumps are also durable with corrosion resistance built into the designs of several models. Other models feature cast iron construction and engineering developments that can lower running costs while providing reliable performance.

Talk to a Sales Expert

Brunsdon Pumps has developed a comprehensive range of high-quality pumps that are available via our online store and are ready for fast shipping to anywhere in Australia. If you are looking for pumps for a variety of different uses, our sales experts can use their knowledge and experience to help you find the right equipment for your needs.

If you need assistance with Onga pumps selection, contact us on 03 9464 1033.