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Onga Waterswitch Pumps

Onga Waterswitch Pumps

The Onga WaterSwitch is an automatic rainwater controller which helps save mains water. Specifically, WaterSwitch is an interconnect device which allows harvested rainwater to be used for tank to toilet/laundry/garden applications.


WaterSwitch prioritises the use of rainwater for flushing toilets, washing clothes, cleaning cars or garden watering, then switches to mains water when it automatically senses the rainwater tank is empty:

  • saving on water bills
  • helping to conserve dwindling dam water supplies

An empty tank is a good tank
Continual use of harvested rainwater allows for more water to be collected and stored yet more importantly MORE WATER SAVED.that's why using rainwater for your toilets or laundry during rainfall periods allows for more rainwater to be harvested instead of being wasted down the overflow to the stormwater drain.

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Onga water switch pumps
The Onga Wate..
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