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Pool Pump Repair,Service & Replacemant

 Pool Pump Repair, Service & Replacement

Brunsdon Pumps Onsite Repair , Servies & Replace 

We provide on-site solutions to all your pool pump problems. We guarantee not to start any service job without a solution, so that you are not left without operational filtration equipment.We get many calls from customers asking, “why is my pump not working correctly?” Below are a few of the more common issues and solutions.

Your Pool Pump didn’t come on today?

It could be a simple fix. Check if the power plug is in correctly. Is there power (try plugging in a hair dryer or similar. Is it the time clock, try switching the time clock to manual. Has the breaker dropped out or the fuse blown. Can you detect any noise at all from the pump. If you can hear slight buzzing sound, means power is getting to the pump. Could be jammed with some debris, seized or shorted motor windings and/or capacitor.



















Your Pool Pump is Noisy?

It could be noisy bearings in the motor or something caught in the fan. Vibrating on an uneven surface, not level. Debris caught in the impellor. Fan blade broken.Bearing housing oversize or bearing landing undersize. Pump unable to prime correctly, cannot get enough water. Weir gate in the skimmer box jammed shut or just not enough water in the pool.Too much debris in the skimmer basket at poolside or too much debris in the pump basket. Out of balance pump impellor. Is the pump lid fitting properly, or O-ring missing.

Your Pool Pump, Solar pump or Pool cleaner pump are leaking Water?

That’s DANGEROUS. Switch off the electricity to all the equipment. Where is the water leaking from. From under the pump, probably a mechanical seal, which needs replacing. If its left to leak, only a small leak can lead to the pump running dry or corrosion setting in. Is the water coming up through the multiport valve on the top or side of the filter, then it’s likely the rotor seal has failed and needs replacement.Is it a pipe broken or a fitting leaking. Crack in the filter tank perhaps (tanks cannot be repaired as the pressure developed in the tank will undo any repair)

You can smell something burning?

Switch Off.Could be overheating. Is there something obstructing the cooling air entering the motor at the rear end. Does the pump cut out then switch on again short time later. Could be overloading or nuisance tripping. Maybe the capacitor failed. Are you operating the pump on an extension lead, this can result in too much voltage drop and cause the pump to overload. Has the pump seized, is it starting. Perhaps there is a loose connection in the terminal box.

Your Pool Pump is not creating enough pressure/suction?

It could be something quite simple. Is the water level in the pool at least half way up the entry of the skimmer box at the poolside. Is the vacuum plate in the skimmer box, is that allowing the pump to draw air in through a vortex. Does the filter need backwashing or the cartridge element cleaning. A dirty filter will stop the pump performing at its peak performance. Check the pump basket and skimmer basket for debris or cracks. Cracks in these baskets can indicate the possible ingress of debris into the pump or suction line. Debris in the pump impellor will prevent the pump from operating correctly. Even a worn mechanical pump seal can suck air and cause problems.